You can cancel your ride request through the app. After requesting a ride, you can cancel your trip by swiping up on the check-in panel and selecting "Cancel Ride".

Other Ride Adjustments

To request to change any other part of your booking, you can simply send a message to our team through our help chat.  

Hitch Website:  

Select the black chat button in the lower right corner of the site. Then select "New conversation" to start a chat with our team. 

Hitch App: 

Go to the sidebar on the homepage of the app. Then select "Help" to start a chat with our team. 

Within the chat page, send a message about the change you'd like to make. 

Common Inquiries include:

  • Changing a ride time 
  • Changing a pick-up or prop-off location 

The Hitch team will respond promptly in the chat in order to fulfill your request!

Want to know more?


If you have any questions about anything, we're here to help. Send us a note via the chat bubble on screen, or via email:

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