It's easy.

On the day of your trip, simply tell us what time you plan to head to your destination. We'll match you with passengers at the start of your route and let you know who they are 10 minutes prior to your departure.

It's convenient.

Our pick up and drop off locations are optimized so that you don't have to deviate from your original path, and you'll earn money even if we can't match you that day,

Traditional in-city rideshare companies target drivers who are driving out of their way to earn money. We want to grab you when you're already on your way and make it easy for you and your riders to get from here to there.

It's for (almost) everybody.

If you're ever driving between Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, or Oklahoma City anyway and have empty seats plus a current license, registration, and insurance for a vehicle less than 15 years old, Hitch is for you.


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