Get a quote for your drive

Payouts for your ride can fluctuate, depending on how many riders you have, the location you are going to, the day, and the time that you choose to ride.

If you are heading to a location anyway and are interested in renting out one of your seats to earn a little gas money -- you can receive a quote for your drive on the app. You just enter in the location you are picking up and dropping off from and how many seats you can fill and then you are provided with the amount you can expect to collect from that drive.


While we do not require our riders to tip, they will typically do so for great service. One of the most amazing aspects of a long-distance journey is the ability to make a connection with your riders. See this article for tips on being the best driver you can be.

Earnings Tab

On the left side menu in the app, you can review your earnings tab. You'll need to update your earnings tab in the app before you start driving so we can transfer money to you. 

Setting up your earnings tab

  • The earnings tab will first ask you for your address. Please enter the address associated with the banking information that you will be submitting.

  • You will then be presented with the option to add either a bank account for direct deposit or a debit card for instant payouts. You are able to use both payment types, or just one.

Choosing payment type

Both payment types allow you to withdraw, however, they work at different speeds:

  • Standard payouts take 2-3 business days to transfer to your account

  • Instant payouts have a dynamic fee and transfer instantly (10-30 minutes)The fee will be displayed next to the withdrawal button


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