Once you've been approved to drive, you are clear to start monetizing your rides! Use the Hitch app on the day you want to drive to schedule your trip.

Steps to drive: 

1. Where are you going?

  • On the day of your ride, enter your starting location and final destination. We use these points to match you with passengers that most closely match your trip. 

2. Swipe to Drive

  • Swipe left to enter the drive part of the app. If you're an approved driver, this screen will be available for you to use. 

3. Drive Screen 

You'll see 3 components on the drive screen:

  • Estimated Earnings: How much can I earn? 
  • Empty Seats: How many empty seats do I have?
  • Time Slider: Which departure time do I want? 

By adjusting the amount of empty seats in your car and departure time, you can view your estimated earnings. Your estimated earnings are based on the amount of riders booked for any given departure time.
You can use estimated earnings to choose the best departure time for you! 

  • Enter the amount of empty seats and departure time, then confirm your ride.

4. Arrive at pick-up location

  • Your pick-up location will be displayed along with your check-in time and departure time. This pick-up location will be a public area that is positioned on route to your final destination, so that the pick-up is convenient for you. 
  • Check-in when you've arrived to your pick-up location.


Check out our other help center articles here or send us a note: driversupport@hitch.net

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