Once you've been approved to drive, you can start monetizing the travel you were making anyway. Use the Hitch app on the day you want to drive to schedule your trip.

Steps to drive: 

Where are you going?

Schedule your travel, or pick up a rider the same day you plan to leave.

To see available rides or to schedule one - enter your final destination and your origin city. We use these points to match you with passengers that closely match your trip. 

From there, please select the number of seats you'll have available. You can see if we have any riders scheduled for the time you plan to leave.

You can view your estimated earnings by adjusting the number of empty seats in your car and departure time. Your estimated payments are based on the number of riders booked for any departure time.

You can use estimated earnings to choose the best departure time for you.

Finally, confirm your ride!

At the scheduled time, arrive at the pick-up location to meet your rider(s).

Check out our other help center articles here or send us a live chat in the app.

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