At Hitch, we want to craft the best experience possible for both riders and drivers. In order to do so, we have a few requirements for drivers to be approved. 

Car Requirements:

  • 15 Years Old or Newer: This secures peace of mind for you and your rider. After all, who doesn't enjoy newer vehicles?

  • Four Doors: This ensures that there is room for luggage and riders alike. After all, the more riders you have, the more you make. We offer a lot of flexibility in terms of vehicle type, so this is our one requirement that ensures the riders' experience.

Driver Requirements:

  • License, Registration, and Insurance: Providing up-to-date and valid driver documents will allow the approval process to go smoothly. 

  • Industry Standard Background Check: To ensure we keep our community safe, we will run the following checks:

                   - County Criminal Search (Current)
                   - National Criminal Search (Standard)
                   - Sex Offender Search
                   - SSN Trace
                   - Global Watchlist Search
                   - This assures that we can keep our community safe.


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