1. Enter your destination 

  • Open the Hitch app and enter your final destination in the Where are you going? box. At this time, we are only offering rides between Austin and Dallas, and Austin and Houston.

2. Reserve your spot 

  • Tap to choose a Shared or Private ride and amount the seats you'd like to reserve. If you choose 3 seats, you are purchasing a 'private ride'.
  • The next available departure time will be the default. If you'd like to choose a different time, please select 'More times'. 
  • Your pickup and drop off location will be displayed for you on the map.
  • Tap the Request Ride button to confirm your reservation. 

3. Check-in at your pick up location

  • Arrive at your pick up location by your Check-in time - which is 10 minutes prior to departure time. 
  • Once you've arrived, tap the Check-in button to let your driver know you've arrived.
  • Driver details will be available 10 minutes prior to your departure time.

4. Meet your driver & go!

  • Once you connect with your driver, you'll be in your way. Enjoy your ride! 

Want to know more?


If you have any questions about anything, we're here to help. Send us a note via the chat bubble on screen, or via email: hello@hitch.net

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