We use highly rated, safe coffee shops and hotel pick-up locations, conveniently located along the route to your destination city. How you get there is up to you -- but we have a couple of recommendations. 

- Family or Friend Drop off

- Local, Short Distance Rideshare Apps (ex. Uber or Lyft)

- Metro Bus 

- Driving yourself 

Where can I keep my car? 

Hitch does not have a policy for your personal parking and we do not guarantee any availability. If you decide to drive to your pick-up location, please use your best judgment and note that this will be at your own risk. Hitch does not assume any liability or responsibility for the safety or security of your parked car.

Please be mindful to check all posted parking policies and regulations before you leave your personal vehicle.


Check out our other help center articles here or send us a note: hello@hitch.net

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