Sharing a ride with someone can be a really personal experience. Everyone's safety and experience is top of mind, but we also deeply care about the privacy of the data provided to us. Please know we never share your personal data with third parties without your permission and all information is stored on private, encrypted servers. When driver and rider information, like a phone number, is provided to allow proper pickup verification - the number given has been automatically generated and anonymized. These numbers are no longer applicable once the ride has concluded.

While rare, there may be instances in which our Customer Experience team may need to provide the rider or driver's personal cell number in order to make a last minute connection. Your use of our application and service expressly permits our right to do so when needed. This information is provided to either party at the start of a ride, for the purpose of identification and connection only - and should not be used post-ride for any reason.

Post-ride, communication between the rider and driver should cease once the drop off has occurred, and all issues, questions or any further communication should be directed to our Hitch Customer Experience team.

Need more information? Please visit our official privacy policy.


If you have any questions about anything, we're here to help. Send us a note via the chat bubble on screen, or via email:

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