With the influx of people wanting to travel to and throughout Texas for SXSW and other events, regional travel via bus or air can often be expensive, frustrating, and slow. Hitch is the solution.

Getting to Austin Has Never Been Easier

Hitch is a long-distance shared-ride platform, born and bred in Austin, TX. Connecting the 4 major cities in the Texas triangle, the Hitch platform reduces traffic congestion by finding drivers and riders that need to go to and from the same major city – at the same time. Using fixed pick-up and drop off locations along major routes, Hitch can efficiently move thousands of riders between cities.

Convenient Downtown and Airport Locations Just for SXSW Attendees

Hitch and SXSW have partnered to bring you convenient and guaranteed transportation options to/from Austin. From our downtown Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio pickup locations, or our special SXSW airport pickup locations - Hitch will get you to the heart of the action in downtown Austin with a drop off at Brew & Brew. Hitch will get you to the heart of the action in downtown Austin. Simply download the app and on the day of departure select the time you’ll need to depart, from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. Hitch guarantees to match you with a background checked driver heading in that direction for a price far below legacy car services or airlines.

Need more info? You can go here for information on our airport pickup locations or here to learn more about SXSW.

*Please note, airport pickup rides must be booked as 'private car'. Single-seat purchase not available. No promo codes or discounts will apply to these rides. Airport pickups will only be dropped off in Austin at Brew & Brew


Check out our other help center articles here or send us a note: hello@hitch.net

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