Scheduling a ride with Hitch is as simple as entering in your destination city, origin city, selecting the date you are traveling in the app, entering payment information, and tapping 'Book Ride.' 

Have a promo code? No problem. Please enter it in the payment section on the left side menu in the app. Payments > Add code. Please note you DO need to enter in a payment method prior to booking a ride - even if you have a promo code.

The app default is set to schedule your ride for the same day. The remaining departure times available for that day will be shown. 

If you want to select another date, tap the date in the top left corner and select the day that works for you from the calendar pop-up.

You can view your scheduled rides in the 'Trips' section which you will find on the left side-menu. 

If you need to cancel your ride, you'll select your ride from the 'Trips' section, click cancel - and then confirm your cancellation. For information on our cancellation policy please go HERE.

How far in advance can I book?

You can book your ride up to 60 days in advance - or in as little as one hour* before departure time.

*For same day/next day rides before 8 AM, please book these the night before you need it -- between 7 PM-11:59 PM.

After our last departure time on any day - the schedule for the next day is open for booking. This gives you the option to book a ride the night before or the same day of your trip.  


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