We do our best to accommodate our rider community when there are special requests made. If you are traveling by bike to our pickup location and will need our driver to also transport your bike -- we want to help but cannot guarantee that this request can be completed.

First and foremost, we do require that this request is provided to our Customer Experience team outside of 24 hours' notice from your departure time. You'll need to also ensure that you have a universal bike holder that can be attached safely to any 4 door sedan OR the bike must be able to be broken down and stored in a trunk of a 4 door sedan.

You will need to book a premier ride so we can ensure there will be room to store your bike. Bike transportation can never be guaranteed and is not available on shared rides.

Unfortunately, when this procedure is not followed, we may have to cancel your ride and a refund will not be issued.

Any damage to the driver's car by the bike, or bike holder will be at your expense.

Again, while we will try to accommodate your request, ultimately it is up to the driver to accept your bike, and bike holder. While we will attempt to replace your driver should one not accept, refunds are not offered if we are unable to.


Check out our other help center articles here or send us a note: hello@ridehitch.com

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