Are you going anyway? If you are a regular traveler between cities and are interested in making extra cash, let us match you with riders headed to the same destination city along your route.

Hitch is here to make your regular trips between cities more fun and more economical. You can cover the cost of gas and more by simply entering your route in the app. When you submit a drive request for the time and route in the app that works for your schedule, we will offer you the right riders headed the same way.

We pick up and drop off from set locations that you will see in your app when you enter your origin and destination cities. These locations are convenient and specifically matched to your route. We offer a variety of locations across our cities, and you can select the pair that will work best for you.

When we match you with passengers, you will be paid out based on the number of seats we booked for you. Keep an eye out in the app, and select the rides that work for your desired payment. You will always know the guaranteed amount you make before the ride starts based on the number of seats sold.

You'll apply to be a Going Anyway driver with us through the app.

Let us do the work while you drive the route you were planning to travel anyway.

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