Since our riders are traveling between cities, you should expect that most riders will have luggage and plan to empty the trunk of your car before accepting Hitch rides.

Our luggage guidelines are as follows --

  • Shared rides - Riders can bring 1-2 small, carry-on-sized bags or one typical-sized suitcase per person. Riders who bring more than this amount of luggage for their shared ride need to cancel and book a private ride, and you should let the team know about this situation so we can help cancel the seat as quickly as possible.

  • Private or Premier rides - Riders can bring as many items/bags that will legally and safely fit in the trunk of a typical 4-door sedan-type car. Bags must be secured and cannot obstruct your view or vehicle operation. If a rider arrives with more luggage than what will fit in your vehicle, please let the team know immediately so we can cancel the ride and communicate with them directly.

Please contact the support team for any concerns about luggage before starting the ride. If you have accepted luggage outside of our policy without our knowledge, we cannot support any issues that may come up. Please look for more details in your Driver's Resources tab within the app.

On a booked ride, a rider must be with any items that are being transported.

With package delivery, items should be stored in your trunk during transit.

Check out our other help center articles here or send us a live chat in the app.

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