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Hitch Standard Terms for Promotions and Discounts
Hitch Standard Terms for Promotions and Discounts
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Hitch credits and promotions have no monetary value and cannot be used for tips. They also cannot be transferred to another account. If you need to make changes to your scheduled ride, you will have to cancel it.

Please keep in mind that in some cases, canceling your ride may result in the loss of any applied promotions. However, any credits, discounts, or promotions will still be active if you cancel outside one hour before departure.

When canceling your scheduled ride outside one hour before departure time, you will receive a refund for the amount you paid to your Hitch account.

It's important to note that a ride reservation does not include any tips you may wish to provide to your driver.

Please be aware that all rides must start and end at the time and location specified in the app booking. Additionally, all purchases are considered final sales, and we do not offer refunds to your original payment method.


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